AUGUST 14 2017

Los Angeles ...I turned sixty last Friday-never in my youth could I have imagined being ‘Sixty’. I mean that’s what old people are. Then I realise my friends are a mixture young and old and I’m very lucky to have that . So I’m happy to be ‘Officially’ old. Kazuyo Horie who works for me got me birthday cards from most of my clients Aerosmith-Metallica-Jeff Beck-Dave Grohl-Joe and Phil from Def Leppard-Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and I did not expect it at all.

The other thing I started doing was listening to Soundgarden again. Since Chris Cornell’s death I just stopped. I could not enjoy the music. Then this weekend I just started to again and in a strange way Soundgarden are a very uplifting band. This is a photo of Chris Cornell in Iceland taken at 6am as we were driving to the airport.

Dawn Flying Seattle to Los Angeles


Above Seattle