Rio De Janeiro,

I’m down here with Aerosmith. Have been flying a little, Denmark-Amsterdam-Paris with Metallica came home for a day then flew to Los Angeles for two nights.While there found out Ian Hunter was playing and went to see him both nights with Johnny Depp. Then flew Houston - Ecuador to Join Aerosmith photographed a show then on to Rio De Janeiro. While on the runway at Los Angeles as the plane was taking off a huge African American decided to walk up the aisle shouting ‘ Ah neeeeeed to pee ‘, he didn’t seem to understand we were flying down a runway. Then the man sitting next to me drank seven Heineken’s moved on to wine then vodka and knocked his beer all over me saying ‘Hey ahhhhh hope yaaaaall don’t mind’... don’t mind I was soaked in beer. So I then get on the flight to Quito and a very highly strung older woman sits next to me and announces ‘I’ve been upgraded‘. I ignore her she then tells me this is her first flight in thirty years . ‘How nice’ I offer... she stares at me intently ‘Your Australian!!!‘ she booms ‘No only convicts come from there‘ I smile back ‘YES YOU ARE I CAN TELL‘ she spits... I’m thinking someone please save me. She then closes he eyes turns to me touches my arm ‘I can feel it your from New Zealand‘. I look at her ‘How did you know I always loved sheep‘...

In Ecuador I went to the line over the equator with Brad Whitford, I was impressed the middle of the earth you can stand with both feet in two hemispheres.

Off to Belo Horizonte tonight with Aerosmith.