OCTOBER 26 2018

Los Angeles, 

Records I found in LA - both were shot in London. London in Highgate Cemetery my first ever single bag - uncredited. Twisted Sister at the Marquee just out on vinyl, which I actually like. Nice graphics and I like how they used a simple backstage photo and make it work perfectly.

I spent last weekend in San Francisco, I've come to find it's a disappointing city. Expensive - full of homeless and beggars, the gulf between rich and poor is shocking in this city. I used to love coming here in the '80's, it's so overrated. I even had a look at the MOMO full of rubbish they think is art. I did like Wacko and Bubbles just because it's so awful. There was a dance troupe doing mime around some huge Spanish rusty steel walls that is now classed as art when lets be honest it's old rusty steel walls. They were laughable with the crowd thinking they have discovered some form of ‘Nirvana'. It was as if I'd being abducted by a cult and couldn't get away. Even worse was the German Post War Art rooms full of black grey paint and bits of rubble. I mean come on my father bombed them for a good reason. I did go to the Trips Poster Art Fair in Golden Gate Park, where it was mostly Fillmore Posters the whole scene lots of Grateful Dead art which did nothing for me. To my surprise a lot of the artists were there, Stanley Mouse, David Byrd, Lee Conkin, David Singer, Victor Moscoso and Randy Tuten who I bought a Pink Floyd poster from and took a photo of him signing it. I did try to talk to Randy but he was so deaf he repeated himself and told me the same story four times. I felt sad they all looked like ghouls and I don't mean that unkindly. To finish the San Francisco Bay at sunset above the Golden Gate Bridge it was freezing. Still a spectacular structure. Funny I've never missed London or really appreciated how good London is until last weekend . San Francisco was dull and lifeless and culturally devoid. A city with no soul.