NOVEMBER 04 2018


London, home it’s been awhile. I went to bed at 12.30am was wide awake at 2.45, so got up then thought why not go to Stonehenge at dawn. A place I’ve never been, so drove to Wiltshire got there at 6.30am it was closed with security telling me it opens at 9am. It’s 5000 years old and needs security?. So I took a few photos from the road and gave up, I should try to come back when it’s open. I travelled on to Bristol through Bath on a sunny morning. Bristol, which lets be honest is a dump, run down full of graffiti it’s like a railway station toilet. Looked at the Bristol record fair which was highly un-amazing, then got a train to London which was packed as there was Rugby going on in London. They were drinking but not unfriendly which changed dramatically when I got to Paddington and on the Jubilee Line as West Ham were playing and it was a whole different species of fan; malevolent, nasty, almost neolithic, they would have been perfect guarding Stonehenge. At Green Park the sun was shining and it was ’NICE’ to be back in London.