DECEMBER 01 2018

I truly hate the winter. The light can be nice for photos crisp and sharp but nothing else. Last week I took some photos of Nobu Matsuhisa in London at his new Shoreditch Hotel . Nobu pointed out I’ve know him for thirty three years, photographer Neil Zlozower plus Robin Crosby from Ratt and I used to go to his then tiny sushi bar where he’d serve us and we’d get falling down drunk. After a while it was full of movie posters and film people it expanded and it wasn’t quite the same. 
A few years later I get a phone call and it’s Nobu ‘ Hi Ross you remember me I’m opening a London restaurant you must come ‘. So I went to the opening of Nobu Park Lane, as I was leaving I went to say goodnight to Nobu who had his back to me. As he turned around he was standing next to Robert De Niro,Nobu said ‘ Bobby this is my friend Ross he’s a great photographer you must use him ‘. De Niro asked for my number, I elated thinking Hollywood here I come no more Iron Maiden. Of course I never heard from him.
Have spent all last week in my lock up going though old negatives in a box marked Girlschool I found Phil Lewis of Girl who I’d photographed in Holland Park in 1980 plus some Freddie Mercury from Earl’s Court 7th June 1977 ( I only know this as my pass and date were in there ), I never really thought the photos were that good as they were taken from the crowd, no photo pit. There was also a roll of Them Crooked Vultures shot backstage at the Royal Albert Hall, so here’s a few photos.