DECEMBER 21 2018


I suppose you could say I had a long weekend. Johnny Depp went to the Hainan Film Festival in Sanya China, and invited me to go with him. We flew Los Angeles to Tokyo eleven hours then stopped at Narita Airport to refuel then another six hours on to Hainan, on the Gulf Of Tonkin (between Da Nang and Hong Kong) landing at Sanya.

The best way to describe the island is to imagine the Chinese version of Hawaii. After three days at the film festival including a red carpet event on the beach with oil tankers and people jet skiing as a surreal backdrop. We left China on a very warm sunny Monday morning to fly thirteen hours to London over Liuzhou which had strange cone like hills and over Lanzhou on to Tibet and the highlight of the trip was flying parallel to Mt. Everest and across the Himalayas. As the song goes ‘I’m Sitting On Top Of The World’ literally. 

With Vicky Zhao

With Vicky Zhao

With Joyce Feng

With Joyce Feng