FEBRUARY 28 2018


White Sands New Mexico with Ozzy Osbourne. We flew into El Paso ( A place I have not been to in years ) then drove to Las Cruces. Las Cruces claim to fame, if I remember rightly is where they made the atomic bomb. There was nothing there, maybe they tested it there first.

Spent a morning in Hatch a town famous for chillis ? You can have Chilli everything I had a chilli milk shake . 

White Sands for the end of the day. The Park Rangers who were fully armed told us we can’t do this - can’t do that, no smoke bombs - drugs - drinking then casually said you can only go in the first half of the Sands as the rest is a missile testing ground. I mean nice, you're watching the sunset and get blown to pieces. 

To say it was spectacular is an understatement. It was to me beautiful, the sand glittered and changed with the light. It was as if you were watching an oil painting forming from the stars. Ozzy lasted twenty frames ‘It’s fucking freeeeeezing’ and off he went , I didn’t mind I got twenty great photos of him. I stayed and  watched the light disappear to the west.