MARCH 21 2018


Da Nang - Hoi An,
Staying in Danang on the beach which is spectacular. Lots of resort hotels including a very upmarket Four Seasons where a small room was ONLY $2,000 plus all the tax a night. You can go on holiday and bankrupt yourself. 
The odd thing was watching Vietnamese fighter jets flying low across the skyline which was slightly Deja Vu if you follow history. Hoi An was so colourful and picture perfect I thought I’d try to shoot it in black and white a bit like you’d have seen it in the ’70’s. The only thing wrong was it was full of Chinese, swarms of them all holding selfie sticks with phones, pushing and shoving you out of their way. Plus that vermin known as backpackers wearing flip-flops trying to do Hoi An on a budget and to top it off Germans being German, I was expecting them to put out sun beds with towels along the river. 
I became slightly obsessed with photographing the walls of Hoi An at night.