MAY 01 2018


Spent the weekend in the company of Mr.Ozzy Osbourne. Jacksonville first where I have not been since 1991 with Metallica, we were doing a photo shoot in -unbeknownst to us - the ‘Hood’ where one of the locals called us ‘White Mutha Fuckers’. Which I guess is totally correct. So my first time back since then, at breakfast the local ‘White Mutha Fuckers’ were loading their plates like it was the last supper. Gravy biscuits and bacon and grits, it nearly turned me vegan and they were all the size of houses. 

First Ozzy show of the tour-I got a nice picture of Ozzy wearing a Dio badge after the show.

Then on to Ft. Lauderdale where I once photographed Ozzy with Randy Rhodes in the sea. Much more civilised, I could easily live there. The show was in a park on a very hot Sunday with STP on the bill and it was nice to see Robert and Dean DeLeo.

Ozzy was fun we connected, hard to explain we locked into each other while shooting , Ozzy was hysterical and funny. I had a great night.