MAY 07 2018

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Mexico City - 

Ozzy Osbourne - Judas Priest - Megadeth

Flew down with Ozzy and band from Los Angeles to Mexico City, over the desert of Puerto Penasco. To a stormy Mexico City.

The show was at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez a huge race track with 120,000 people. 

I got there as Marilyn Manson was finishing, went and saw Dave Mustaine ( who is always nice ). Then travelled to the dressing room of the Metal God Rob Halford.

Ozzy came over so took some photos. 

Then the Priest live and Andy Sneap did a great job of filling in for Glenn Tipton. 

Ozzy headlined in front of a crowd going ‘Crazy’. Straight after the show we took a long flight to Santiago Chile. It was amazing having breakfast flying over the Andes, for me what flying is all about. Took a lot of photos of Ozzy just hanging out on the plane, it reminded me of photographing him years ago just shooting whatever we felt like with Ozzy telling really funny stories .

Spent today in Santiago photographing Ozzy in two old gothic cemetery’s, both were empty beautiful light. Photographically this has been a great trip.