London The Roundhouse. Rival Sons, I was looking forward to this show. Left home early took the train to Chalk Farm, arrived at 6pm to by met by a message from the tour manager ( who I like a great deal ) saying change of plan . I go to get my passes and am asked if I can come back at 8pm . I look at the Tour Manager 'Jay' I say he looks embarrassed. The last time I shot them in Long Beach just before Christmas Jay the singer was ‘difficult’ ( And I'm being nice ) . After four minutes I got 'Are we done ' said in all seriousness. So I look at the TM and say 'I'm going to have it out with him’….. 'Please don't not tonight' he asks..... I think ok it’s a London show and go and sit in Starbucks for two hours. I go back at 8pm Scott Holiday the guitarist says hello but his conversation seems forced, he tells me he hated the last feature on them in Classic Rock Magazine. 'Scott I didn't even read it or write it, what's it got to do with me ?' He then introduces me to his 'NEW' Manager called Blaze from ROC Nation ( I mean seriously ROC Nation) . He is curt what are you here for and what do you think your doing ? me ' Some reportage photos for two magazines . 'Not happening you are doing nothing, nothings been cleared by me’ within two minutes I get any email from a minor PR with Blaze copied informing me nothing has been cleared so I am doing nothing backstage. Scott at this point just walks away to change his designer boots and not come back. I see Dave and Miley ( Bass and drums ) both friendly and nice. Then I see Jay who comes out of the dressing room sees me and makes a concentrated effort to look at the floor we ignore each other. Fuck it I thought, I'll shoot the show. I ended up photographing about half then my spirit or vibe if you like wasn't into it. This is a band I've liked and supported from day one. At one point Jay who says nearly nothing to the crowd says ‘We started at the Barfly nine years ago’ I’m thinking I’ll see you playing to an empty Barfly very soon. Hey tonight just says it all 'This Is The End My Friend The End'.....I'll be happy never to see them or photograph them ever again.

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