Limited editions


So, limited editions, why are they valuable? Precisely because the “limit” is on the number of prints of each of these images. When these editions are sold out the photographs will never again be produced in this fine-art format again. So if you buy, say, number 16 out of 50 you have one of only 50 that will ever exist. Signed, sealed and guaranteed as follows…


* By a certificate of authenticity — printed on fine-art paper itself — signed by Ross Halfin and confirming the edition number of the picture you’ve bought.



* By an embossed “Ross Halfin” stamp in the bottom right-hand corner of your print.



* By Ross’s stamp and signature on the back of your print.


* By Ross’s own label bearing the ultimate full-monty signature in archival ink — meaning it’ll last as long as the wall you hang the print on, given due care and attention.



… all of which leaves very little room for doubt!