JULY 6 2017

I took this landing over London and it took me a while to work out what it is. It’s where Earl’s Court was-if you are from London and grew up in the ’70’s you’ll understand.

I saw Pink Floyd do Dark Side Of The Moon and David Bowie o n the Aladdin Sane Tour both in 1973 you couldn’t hear Bowie over the screaming. Led Zeppelin 1975 - The Rolling Stones on the Black And Blue Tour 1976 - Queen 1977 who I photographed there and Def Leppard In The Round - The Foo Fighters where Dave Grohl got stuck going for a run while playing in the crowd - The Artic Monkey’s - Iron Maiden - The one thing I remember was saying to Pete Townshend when the Who played there was what a ‘Vibe’ the place had as you came out of the tube and saw the giant neon Earl’s Court sign in front of you. Sad pulled down for some apartments. It should have been made a listed building with a blue plaque.