JANUARY 01 2018

191009 (244).jpg

A photo of dawn at Ayers Rock to start the year - I’ve just read 2001 A Space Odyssey about the dawn of man. So a photo of dawn to start 2018.

I’ve been at home for all of December which is unusual for me. I’ve spent the time tidying up my archive looking for photos that have not been seen or scanned as you do now. Chris Cornell I have a huge amount of, I should do something with them quite what I don’t know possibly a book. Here's Chris Cornell at Paris Zenith 1996 Down On The Upside Tour


Music wise I've been playing Matt Cameron’s record non stop CAVEDWELLER, it is the best record of last year not a bad track on it. The Black Sabbath Box set looked good-normally I never like how my photos are used but the three cds with my photos I thought worked well.