OCTOBER 02 2018


Las Vegas, I spent last weekend there looking at locations. I normally hate Las Vegas, lately I’ve found it has a certain charm. The main strip is awful like being stuck in Times Square on a Saturday night, except every night is Saturday night. I went off the strip and it was like reading the book The Stand by Stephen King ( His best book ) where he painted a vivid portrait of Las Vegas as the end of the world realising you are in hell. The old part is like being transported to the 1950’s shabby yet trying to hold on to something long gone I enjoyed it. I even tried a few vinyl shops they were more overpriced than NYC and that’s saying something. Still it was nice being somewhere that’s 97F in October and judging Vegas on the Strip is like judging London on Oxford Street plus I don’t mind a bit of heat at all even if it’s the furnace from hell.