JUNE 30 2018


A very hot and sunny Saturday in Finsbury Park for the Queens Of The Stone Age and Mr. Iggy Pop.
I used to come to Finsbury Park loads in my youth to see bands like the Who-Alice Cooper-Yes-Golden Earring-Montrose-The Doobie Brothers-Queen-Hustler-Jethro Tull-Wishbone Ash etc.... Then eventually to photograph them, Van Halen’s first London headline show springs to mind. Iron Maiden at the Rainbow where my photo ran on the cover of SOUNDS and Steve Harris rang me and thanked me, Steve was happy he always read SOUNDS. 
Finsbury Park now seems to be a festival in a park. The security were dreadful thuggish and challenging you hoping you’d react so they could pounce on you in force. It seems to be endemic in London that the security is run by thugs. No matter what pass I had to them it didn’t work-it ruined the day and took away any pleasure I had doing this. 
The Queens of the Stone Age’s biggest headline show with Iggy Pop who’s security in the photo barricade was helpful and nice. I wish I could say the same for everyone else there.