JANUARY 01 2019

New Years Eve I saw in at the Los Angeles Forum with Ozzfest. And much to my surprise I had a great time. In my job you can get bored of it, the same bands from years ago and you start not to care, to a fan it’s exciting to someone working it can be a chore the security - backstage - setting up photos it all becomes hard work. Some of the biggest tours I’ve done are made up by petty meaningless politics ‘You didn’t clear it with me first I’m in charge you need to ask me first’ etc etc etc. And  the people saying this are mini despots employed the same as me except they think there are hierarchies like Kim Jong il or Stalin. If you get a band member to do a photo it's ruined the rules of the day which in the real world are meaningless . Seriously ruined what ? Their silly egos because they have on a plastic pass with AAA printed on it.

Last night there was absolutely none of that, it was enjoyable Jonathan Davis - Manson - Rob Zombie - Ozzy/Sharon. People were pleased to see me, yes I know most of you will find that bit strange. I had a good time and I even sort of enjoyed New Year.