FEBRUARY 09 2019

London - I’m home, I went for a wander around Soho - Convent Garden down to the Strand enjoyed walking around and being home. I spent six weeks in LA and had five days of sun. Nice to be home.


So here’s the Black Crowes in London in the ’90’s we would always go to Butler’s Wharf and Battersea and do photos. I miss photographing them.Then again they don’t exist and I’m sure they are not the same as I’m not the same.


This month I was supposed to be on tour with Ozzy but it’s postponed as he’s ill . Let’s wish him well.

And it’s Grammy Weekend in LA, Aerosmith are there getting a star on Hollywood Blvd. Aerosmith in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I was pleased with this session, I rounded them up stuck them in two vans and drove around photographing them in the street.