JULY 09 2015

Boston... it's like being in a mini Ireland, U2 are here so are Def Leppard's crew all Irish like a Paddy Invasion. The show today is at Mansfield forty five minutes out in the woods, I've been here a few times with Sabbath - Ozzy - Pantera - Aerosmith always a good stage nice and low.

Did some photos of Def Leppard in the empty seats after soundcheck, I'm trying to take more natural light photographs which is how I started it makes you try harder as a photographer-no flash natural light.

Tesla were backstage without Frank Hannon who was playing golf, I mean golf come on we are all getting old it's a game for geriatrics a lazy man's sport. At least Jeff Keith was talking to the grass having a discussion on theology while waiting for it to grow. Good Tesla show, good lights and Frank had his personal photographer now filming just hit!

I watched Styx who I haven't seen since 1981 at Wembley very tight loads of sing along anthems the drummer was excellent. Def Leppard was the best show so far on the tour great crowd -then again Boston always is a good audience the best bit was Joe Elliott playing Boston's More Than A Feeling to be greeted by silence from the crowd... Even Joe was stunned saying "You don't know this ????".

Back in Boston I'm in the lobby of the hotel at midnight and I run into Chad Taylor from LIVE who I haven't seen in years - he thought I wouldn’t remember him. Great to see him. LIVE are playing with Def Leppard in Australia in November, I'm looking forward to it.