JULY 23 2018


A few photos as it’s his birthday. I tend not to see Slash for longish periods of time then I work with him and it’s as if it was yesterday and we spend time catching up. A couple of weeks ago I was in Barcelona and did a shoot with him there. 
So a few photos over the years. My personal favourite is Slash with the gypsy girl on the hottest day of the year outside Gare Du Nord in Paris. She was begging as I shot this on large format film on my Mamiya. I gave the girl a polaroid I took of both of them she spat on it and ripped it up then stuck her hand out. After we left Slash realised all the badges on his leather jacket were missing she’d stolen them.

SLA-000000-0002 copy.jpg
SLA-000000-0003 copy.jpg