JANUARY 15 2019


Some travel , I thought I should see the Grand Canyon in winter. Of course I’m thinking it will be warm it didn’t occur to me it turns into winter. It was actually really icy and dangerous, full of Asian tourists falling over including me. Monument Valley I haven’t been to since I went with Metallica in 1987. It was a long drive across Arizona through Tuba City and I recognised Kayenta ( This was where I took a photo of James Hetfield with a local Navajo girl, the same girl now grown up turned up at a Metallica show in Phoenix last year ). After you turn left at Kayenta you drive for twenty five miles then looming in front of you is Monument Valley and for all the places I’ve seen it is breath taking, I expected to see a stagecoach or the 7th Cavalry riding by. The two boulders in the foreground of the photo are where I photographed Metallica. Strangely very deja vu….