JUNE 30 2019


Brandon Flowers The Killers, I get asked who I like lately. I used to really like Rival Sons, not that much anymore I’d go to see play. LIVE are playing London tonight looking forward to them. Ghost have something that is unusual. Glastonbury weekend and it’s 100F in the UK with everyone melting. I sat home Saturday night and watched it on TV, Liam Gallagher exactly what you expect faceless band Liam looking like he wants to fight the whole crowd. Then The Killers - now they are famous for being absolute arseholes to photographers, the bands photographer is Branden Flowers brother in law or something like that, he pretends to love photography. Watching him at Glastonbury I realised what a truly great frontman he is - he has everything and connects completely with his audience not an easy thing to do. These photos are from his solo tour in Paris and much to my surprise he was easy nice and great to work with. I’m sure it would be a whole different story if I was doing The Killers.


So some photos from my last Glastonbury with Metallica.